Purpose of feed crushing
Release time: 2022-09-07
Feed crushing has a significant impact on the digestibility of the feed and the production performance of animals, and also has an important impact on the processing process and product quality of the feed. Appropriate crushing particle size can significantly improve the conversion rate of feed, reduce the excretion of animal feces, improve the production performance of animals, and facilitate the mixing, conditioning, granulation, and puffing of feed. The following introduces a basic knowledge, the purpose of crushing:
1. Increase the surface area of ​​the feed, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of animals. Animal nutrition tests have proven that reducing particle size improves digestion and absorption of dry matter, protein and energy, and reduces feed-to-meat ratio.
2. Improve and enhance the processing performance of materials. The particle size of the material can be basically the same through pulverization, and the classification of the material after uniform mixing is reduced. For trace elements and some small-component materials, only when they are crushed to a certain degree to ensure that they have enough particles, the mixing uniformity requirements can be met; for example, for the granulation process, the particle size of the crushed materials must be considered. The interaction of crushed particle size affects the durability of the pellets and the stability of the aquafeed in water.
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