Key points of fish feed quality control
Release time: 2023-02-05
Key points of fish feed quality control: to ensure the quality of pellet feed products, including sensory quality, nutritional indicators, hygiene indicators and processing quality indicators.
1.Requirements for the crushing fineness of raw materials: the crushing fineness of the raw materials to be crushed must reach more than 85% and pass through a 40-mesh sieve;
2.Conditioning and tempering: The three elements of tempering are: moisture, temperature, and time; for fish feed, the moisture in conditioning and tempering must reach 14-15%, the temperature must be 90-100 degrees, and the time for conditioning and tempering in the conditioning room. The residence time needs to be controlled at more than 35-45 seconds;
3.Material temperature inspection: the grain temperature should not exceed 5°C of room temperature;
4.Particle water resistance test: for different particle sizes, the hard bottom standard is different, see the above picture (number of fish feed packaging processes)
5.Monitoring of powder content and pulverization rate: the powder content of fish meal shall not exceed 4%, and the powder pulverization rate shall not exceed 1‰;
6. Quality control of packaging process: quality inspection of packaging, labeling, bag weight and sewing.
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