The role and application of flavoring agents
Release time: 2023-11-14
First, the role and type of feeding flavoring agent
The application of flavoring agent in feed can play the following roles: 1. The special scent preferred by the forager can stimulate the olfactory aura of the animal and induce the forager. Especially in the early weaning of artificial milk feed and feed change when adding obvious effect. Fish and shrimp are sensitive to the gas taste of feed. 2. The flavoring agents improved the palatability of feed and increased the intake of animals. 3. To accelerate the development and functional perfection of digestive organs and glands in young animals. 4. Maintaining appetite and feed intake during periods of stress In a variety of stressful situations, the appetite of animals decreases and productivity is affected. Dietary flavorings can maintain normal appetite, increase food intake and reduce productivity loss during stress. 5. Enhanced medical effect Because the feed intake of the medicated feed was increased, the dosage of the drug was ensured; In addition, maintaining feed intake at the stage of rehabilitation after disease is beneficial to animal recovery.
At present, there are many flavoring agents in use, including natural flavoring agents and artificial flavoring agents. Natural flavorings are substances that are physically obtained from plant and animal sources. Natural analogues are chemical analogues purified or synthesized from natural materials, and both are present in natural products. Artificial flavorings are substances that do not exist in natural products or have not been fortified in natural products. They are mostly chemical compounds. In addition to the active substances that provide a particular smell and taste, commercial flavoring agents generally contain non-active auxiliaries such as solvents, surfactants, stabilizers, carriers or diluents, and anti-binders. Feed flavoring products are available in both solid and liquid forms. The liquid form of feed is mixed into a variety of solutions of different concentrations, the type of solvent depending on the solubility of the active substance, generally oil, fatty acids, water, propylene glycol or a mixture of them. The additive method is usually spray directly on the surface of pellet feed or other feed. However, this addition method can not last long for the aroma of spices in feed, so it is mostly used in slurry or liquid feed. Solid flavoring is usually a powdery mixture of rice husk powder, corncob powder, wheat drum powder and frog stone as the carrier. Some spices flavoring agent is made of capsule, can improve stability, prolong the duration of aroma. Compared with liquid flavoring, dry solid flavoring has the advantages of good stability, easy to use, no spray equipment, and easy shipment and storage. But liquid flavoring agent is generally cheaper, economical, and convenient to add to pellet feed. The actual application should be selected according to the needs.
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