Points of use of premix
Release time: 2022-09-01
The premix contains nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and other functional additives necessary for the growth and development of livestock and poultry, and functional additives such as drugs. Most of the specifications are 1% to 5%. High-quality raw materials, after crushing and mixing, become full-price feed. As long as it is used reasonably, the premix can ensure the quality of the feed, reduce the production cost and achieve good results.

However, in the actual use of feed production, farmers still have many problems due to their lack of awareness of premix, which affects the use effect of premix and discourages farmers from using premix.

1. Be careful with the selection of materials

At present, there are many brands of premixes with different quality, and the types and quality of the pharmaceutical additives in the premixes are also very different. Therefore, the choice of premixes should not only be based on price, but also on quality. Manufacturers and brands with good equipment, strong technical force and stable product quality.

2. Special materials

Different premixes are formulated according to the nutritional needs of different growth and development stages of different livestock and poultry. When using, the breeds and growth stages of livestock and poultry to be raised should be consistent with the scope of application of the premix, that is, the special material is dedicated, and cannot be mixed or used universally. In production, pig premix has been used on dairy cows, causing the death of dairy cows;

3. Use in strict accordance with the prescribed dose

The amount of premix is ​​carefully designed and formulated by the premix factory according to different livestock and poultry species and different growth and development stages, especially the large proportion of premix containing calcium, phosphorus, salt and animal protein. The specified ratio is added. Some farmers use the premix as a seasoning, and the added amount is insufficient; some farmers regard the premix as a panacea and blindly increase the added amount; some use a mixture of products from different manufacturers. If the prescribed dose is not added, it will cause unbalanced nutrition of the animals, which will not only increase the cost of feeding, but also affect the growth and development of livestock and poultry, and even cause poisoning.

4. Rational use of recommended formula

The premix purchased by farmers has a recommended formula on the feed label or product packaging bag. This formula is a general formula, and farmers who can prepare all kinds of raw materials in the recommended formula can follow the recommended formula. It is also possible to make full use of the advantages of local raw materials. Please ask the technical personnel of the premix manufacturer to provide on-site guidance. Do not adjust the formula at will, otherwise the nutritional imbalance of the full-price feed will affect the use effect.

5. Grasp the quality of feed raw materials

The addition amount of premix is ​​only 1% to 5%, and most of the ingredients of 95% to 99% are feed raw materials, so the quality of raw materials is very important. At present, the quality of feed raw materials in rural markets varies greatly. Therefore, raw materials from well-known and reputable manufacturers should be selected as far as possible.

6. Pay attention to the crushing particle size of raw materials

Raw materials with larger particle size, such as corn and soybean meal, must be crushed before use, and the particle size of pig feed should be 500~600.

7. The coefficient of variation of the mixed uniformity of the fed feed is usually not greater than 10%.

8. Feeding correctly

The premix cannot be fed alone. It must be mixed according to the formula before feeding. It cannot be washed with water or cooked after feeding. When changing the feed, it should be done gradually, and the feed should be completed in about 1 week, so as to minimize the stress caused by the reduction of feed intake and growth caused by the change.

9. Keep it properly

The potency of the vitamins, enzymes and other ingredients in the premix will be reduced when improperly stored or stored for too long. Therefore, it should be stored in a dark, low temperature, and dry place, and should be used as soon as possible within the shelf life.
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