How to Make Fish Feed Pellets?
Release time: 2023-04-14
● Material selection: soybean meal, cottonseed meal, corn grain, wheat middlings, fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, algea, oils ad fats, minerals, protein
● Crushing: use feed hammer mill to crush raw materials.
● Mixing: use grain power mixer which has a U-type tank with dual shafts and paddles to mix the crushed materials well as the mixing has a relation with the daily intake. Mix vitamins and minerals with small mount, and then add oil in to the ingredients. Add water and mix well to form a mash.
● Extruding: pass the feed mixture through a fish feed pellet extruder. Set up the suitable diameter for the die, and during the extrusion the pellets are cut off or broken into smaller lengths.
● Pellets Drying: use belt type feed pellet dryer to dry the pellets. The moist pellets should be dried at low temperature and with good airflow to dry the pellets to a water content of 10% or less. The temperature should be less than 60ºC to protect vitamins from destroyed.
● Fish Feed Pellets Packing: use feed pellet packing machine to pack feed pellets into bags or containers that can be stored against insects, rats and to keep out moisture. When packing fish feed pellets, please avoid using plastic bags as feed can sweat.
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