What are the precautions for shrimp farming in autumn?
Release time: 2023-10-26
1. Pay attention to water regulation and water stabilization
After entering autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the metabolism of algae at this time is not as active as that in spring and summer, but a relatively balanced stage. With the gradual increase in the density of shrimp farming in the middle and late stages, once the water color sinks, it is easy to cause turbidity in the water body, and it is difficult to fatten it up again.
2. Disinfection with care
The algae after the fall is relatively fragile. If a irritating disinfectant is used, it will cause stress to the shrimp, causing stress red body of the shrimp, and it is especially easy to cause changes in the water body. For disinfection, non-irritating disinfectants can be used, which can play the role of disinfection and bacteriostasis, and can also decompose some dead algae and play the role of living water.
3. Oxygenation
After entering the autumn, the weather and temperature change greatly in the morning and evening, and the water body is prone to thermocline. The upper water body is denser than the lower water body, forming vertical convection, rolling up the toxic substances at the bottom, increasing the oxygen consumption of the pond, and causing the water body to be deficient. Oxygen, even poisoning fish and shrimp. Therefore, it is recommended that after entering the autumn, it is still necessary to open more aerators to mix the upper and lower water bodies and reduce the convection at night.
4. Strict control of materials
After entering the autumn, shrimp feeding will slow down, especially in the case of obvious weather changes, some shrimp ponds even stop feeding. During this period, most of the energy obtained by the prawns is used for their own fattening, and the feeding is well controlled. Even if the water temperature is low, it will not affect the production of prawns.
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