This feed is nutritious and promotes animal growth
Release time: 2022-09-26
Feed prices have risen, labor costs have increased, and the cost of raising pigs has been further raised, and breeding has entered an era of high cost and low efficiency. This is an indisputable fact in the breeding industry. How to reduce the cost of feeding has become the most concerned topic in the industry. The key to reducing costs is to reduce feed costs.
The cost of aquaculture includes 8 major items such as feed, labor, medicine, depreciation, interest, water and electricity, sewage treatment, and management fees, of which the cost of feed accounts for 60-70% of the total cost. If the cost of feed can be reduced by 1%, it will greatly help to reduce the cost of feeding.
In the traditional feeding process, the current feed utilization rate of general pigs is about 65% to 70%. The more they eat, the greater the waste. Especially protein feeds.
Therefore, when farmers cannot control the price of feed, they can only improve the utilization rate of feed and reduce losses. Using fermented feed to improve feed utilization is one of the feasible and effective ways.
Fermented feed is the use of various decomposing enzymes, a variety of beneficial microorganisms and commonly used pig feed such as corn, soybean meal, wheat husk, etc., to decompose the feed raw materials into easily absorbed nutrients. Experiments show that the utilization of fermented feed can be increased to 80% to 85%.
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