How do farmers choose feed
Release time: 2023-03-24
How about the current feed products on the market? Based on the practical experience of farmers, the editor of this website summed up three experiences.

1. Choose a good manufacturer
  1. Plant construction time, production scale and equipment.
  1. Length of product line: professional feed manufacturers have long product lines and complete varieties of livestock and poultry feed. For example, Tangrenshen Company has full price feed for pigs, concentrated feed, full price feed for poultry, concentrated feed, aquatic fish feed, etc., and each livestock and poultry species has different special feeds for each growth stage. Unlike some "short, flat and fast" feed mills, there are only a few high-profit swine concentrate varieties.
  1. Is there a quality control department?
  1. Whether the post-service staff can solve the actual problems of users.
  1. Raising experts: Some users mistakenly believe that it is better to keep the feed formula unchanged. In fact, due to the different batches of raw materials purchased by the feed company, the company's nutrition experts must adjust the formula at any time, and only in this way can the stability of the feed quality be ensured.

2.Second, look at the product indicators
  1. Feeding indicators;
  1. Use feeding standards;
  1. Packing, numbering, etc.

3.Look at the feeding results
  1. Feces: The darker the feces, the greater the amount of trisulfur added, the more iron sulfide is generated, and it does not mean that the digestion is complete. In fact, normal manure is gray to light yellow, and piglet manure is slightly black. Growing and finishing pigs do not need too high copper sulfate.
  1. Skin: Red skin and bright hair are good-looking, but don't pursue it too much. Everyone knows the truth of what is not good. Red skin indicates telangiectasia and blood flow to the epidermis, which is not good for muscle growth, and actual weight gain is not necessarily good.
  1. Weight gain: This is the fundamental thing. Only by gaining weight can the purchased feed be turned into cash and profit.
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