Do you choose a dry or a wet extruder for feed?
Release time: 2021-09-02

Do you choose a dry extruder or a wet extruder for feed?


    Extruders are generally divided into dry extruders and wet extruders in the market. The wet extruder adds a conditioner to the dry extruder. Its purpose is to increase the temperature of the material, soften and pre-cure the material, and add a certain amount of moisture. Wet expansion has higher efficiency than dry expansion, and the service life of the wearing parts in the screw and extruder barrel is longer. The reason is: if the material expansion temperature is 130°C, the dry expansion will increase from room temperature (generally 20°C) to 130°C It needs to be heated up to 110°C; if the wet method is used for production, the temperature after quenching and tempering is 80°C, and only the material temperature of 50°C needs to be raised. Therefore, wet puffing requires less mechanical energy than dry puffing, and more energy can be used Increase the output; due to the softening of the material, the wear of the vulnerable parts such as the spiral and the expansion cavity is reduced, and the service life is increased.

    Taking feed extruding as an example, when the feed material has high moisture content and low yield, it is best to use dry extruded method, which is conducive to the evaporation of water and the reduction of the moisture content of soybean meal.

    When the water content of the feed ingredients is low and the output is high, wet puffing can be used, because steam is easy to adjust, can increase the output per unit time, and has a stronger destructive effect on some anti-nutritional factors, which can further improve And improve the nutritional value of cereal powder. Try to improve the conditioning effect, which is conducive to the protein solubility of the puffed grains.

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