Tilapia Feeding
Release time: 2022-10-21
Tilapia is resistant to hypoxia, fertilizer, cold and heat, and will suffer frostbite when the water temperature is 12-13°C. The survival temperature is 1535, and the critical temperature is 8.61℃±0.15. Therefore, when selecting a site in a reservoir, it is necessary to consider choosing the side with water quality and fertilizer, shelter from wind and sunshine, and high temperature, not at the outlet of the reservoir.
Cage structure and layout: It can be made into a cage with a size of 1 × 1 × 1 m, and the mesh size is 3 cm. The bottom of the box is made of dense mesh cloth to make a disc-shaped bottom net with a side height of 20 cm to prevent the loss of bait. Install a trapping lamp at 50-30 cm on the top of the fully enclosed cage, and set a black plastic oblique cannula or black iron tube with a diameter of 10 cm on the corner of the net cover as a feeding pipe. Use bamboo (diameter 10 cm thick) as the overall frame of the cage, and use black woven fabric on the top of the cage to make a hat that is slightly larger than the lid of the cage to shade the tilapia in the cage to avoid human interference from the outside world and animals. interference to protect the safe feeding of fish. In the dark environment, the activity of the fish is greatly reduced, which is conducive to growth. The cage spacing is 2 to 3 meters, and the products are arranged in a zigzag pattern.
Seed placement time: When the water temperature is about 24 , the fish can be placed. The water temperature is lower than 20 , and it is easy to freeze the fish. Therefore, placing seeds after the temperature is stable at 20°C is beneficial for the fish to start eating early.
Stocking density: For tilapia with a tail weight of about 40 grams, 330-550 tails are placed in the cage per square meter.
Feeding method: The fish that have just entered the box should be fed a small amount of bait with good palatability. After a few days, they will be fed stably, 4 times a day. The water temperature of 28-32 is the golden water temperature for tilapia to eat, so you should feed more. Often mixing Chinese herbal medicine in the bait is the key point of disease prevention. During the flying insect season, open the net cover at night, turn on the lights to attract insects to feed the fish, and add the net cover during the day. It does not hurt the fish and does not get sick, and it is most useful for fish to eat insects. The net cover creates a dark environment, and the water is good and the fish grows
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