Research and application value of solid-state fermented soybean meal
Release time: 2023-09-30
Fermented soybean meal feed will be popularized and applied as a new industrial feed after compound feed and extruded feed. It can avoid compound feed pollution, high energy consumption of residual and extruded feed, and damage to feed nutrients caused by high temperature and high pressure. , high nutritional value and low price to win people's favor.
Most of the soybean meal is used as feed, and a small part is used for the production of fermented food. The research on deep processing and comprehensive utilization of soybean meal as raw material is relatively weak. Common processing methods of soybean meal are enzymatic hydrolysis of soybean meal and fermented soybean meal, that is, the use of modern biotechnology to degrade soybean protein into a mixture of soluble protein and small molecular polypeptide through protease enzymatic hydrolysis or microbial fermentation. Enzymatically hydrolyzed or fermented protein is considered to be an ideal vegetable protein for young animal feed due to its easier absorption and lower antigen content than traditional soybean protein.

Enzymatic hydrolysis soybean meal is mainly used for the liquid production of soybean peptides. It has a series of limiting factors. First, the bitterness and odor produced in the process of protein hydrolysis cannot be completely suppressed. Especially in large-scale production, reducing and removing the bitterness and odor during the hydrolysis process requires high cost. Higher prices are the main reason for restricting the entry of soybean peptides into the market. Secondly, the enzyme preparations used for hydrolysis are limited to several commonly used in the food industry, and single or mixed use cannot completely eliminate the bitterness and odor generated during the hydrolysis process. Finding a protease that overcomes the bitter taste during hydrolysis is a daunting task. And the degree of hydrolysis is difficult to control.

With the improvement and perfection of solid-state fermentation technology, solid-state fermentation can not only be applied to processes that cannot be achieved in liquid production, but also can make up for the deficiencies and defects of liquid production. The application of modern solid fermentation technology can realize large-scale production, and its investment scale and production cost are often lower than that of liquid method. More importantly, modern solid fermentation often does not produce polluting wastes that affect the environment, and will play an increasingly important role in the food processing industry. more important role. One of the important application areas of solid-state fermentation is the use of microorganisms to transform crops and their by-products to improve their nutritional value and reduce environmental pollution. Studies have shown that solid-state fermentation of soybean meal can effectively improve the biotransformation rate of protein.
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