Precautions for feeding chickens with concentrated feed
Release time: 2022-08-29
1. It is not advisable to blindly add multivitamins and drugs. Some chicken farmers arbitrarily add various multivitamins to the feed while using the concentrated feed, and some add various drugs to the feed in order to prevent poultry diseases. In fact, the multi-vitamin in the concentrate has already met the growth needs of chickens, and adding multi-vitamin arbitrarily will easily cause the imbalance of multi-vitamin. Because the concentrate contains broad-spectrum and high-efficiency drugs, in the process of using the concentrate, do not arbitrarily add drugs to prevent drug poisoning.
2. do not change the concentrate suddenly. Although different manufacturers can produce chicken concentrates suitable for the same period, the structure and composition of the concentrates are not the same. If the concentrates are suddenly replaced, the growth of chickens may be hindered or egg production will decrease. Therefore, when it is necessary to replace the concentrated material, it should not be changed at one time. The proportion of new materials should be gradually increased, and the raw materials should be gradually reduced. The replacement process should be completed within 10-14 days.
3. A variety of concentrated materials should not be used at the same time. When using concentrates for chickens, do not mix concentrates from different brands or different chicken growth periods at the same time. Otherwise, the various indicators of the concentrated feed will not meet the needs of the chickens, resulting in problems such as reduced egg production and the occurrence of diseases.
4. The storage time after mixing the concentrate should not be too long. Some chicken farmers mix the concentrate and feed the chickens for about 10 days. Since the concentrate contains many vitamins, it is easy to decompose and deteriorate over time, and it is easy to cause vitamin deficiency in chickens. Therefore, the amount of mixed feed at a time should not exceed 7 days for chickens to eat, and the hot weather should not exceed 3 days.
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